Frequently Asked Questions

Poster prices directly correspond to remaining quantities. As the posters sell they will go up in price. We encourage you to buy now, or risk paying more for the poster you like later.

Generally, poster pricing follows this formula:
16+ posters left in the series:$25 per poster
11-15 posters left in the series:$75 per poster
5-10 posters left in the series:$200 per poster
2-4 posters left in the series:$1000 per poster
1 poster left in the series:$2000 per poster
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Most posters ship within two days of the order. Depending on how close you are to San Diego, shipping times can range from one to two weeks. If you don't see your poster after two weeks, let us know, and we'll track it for you. We apologize for any delays, but this is a charity staffed by volunteers, after all.

Oops! I purchased a poster, and have decided that I don't like it. What do I do now?
Regrettably, we can't do refunds or returns. Please read poster descriptions carefully, and be certain that you are comfortable with your decision. This is an effort to raise money for earthquake victims, and not a business. On our end, everyone is donating their own time and money to make this project work. Although we would love to do returns and refunds, we've decided that logistically it isn't feasible for us to pull off.

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Contacting Us:

Please feel free to shoot us an email anytime!

For general information and questions about the project, email Alex Vaughn

We are receiving posters daily. If you do not see your poster for sale, and it has been shipped please email us with the a link to your poster on our site and the date that it was shipped.

For questions about the website, or other technical comments, email Sean Bradley

For corrections to your information please email us with a link to the poster on our site, your name, and the title of your poster.

For media inquiries, please contact: Leif Steiner and Josh Higgins

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Contributing Printers:

Many contributors have found printers who are willing to discount or donate their services. If you are looking for a printer, the following printers have generously offered discounts to the participants of THE HAITI POSTER PROJECT.

Print Matters
The Half & Half
Foil and Die

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